My journey has taken me from a little town on Lake Pontchartrain, across the Causeway to the French Quarter.  I lived in Mexico, LA, Alaska and DC before landing in Texas.  Along the way, I've failed and succeeded.  Won and lost.  Loved, been heartbroken and yet still believe that mad, passionate, extraordinary love is mine for the taking.  I've learned from stuff and had to unlearn quite a bit as well.  

I've worked for other and now own a marketing and design studio,
Joly Designs. In 2012, I began singing.  Not long after I resurrected my long lost, alter ego, Blanche Magnolia Beauregard.   There are other projects on the horizon but for now, I'm always up for a random conversation over a good cup of joe at

I know that God is good and all these dreams are divinely inspired.  I'm having a ball.  

The dreams we have as little children somehow never go away.

Sometimes the journey back

to those dreams is long and eventful.



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